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Yunlong County - Tai Chi Yunlong Scenic Spots: Tai Chi Diagram, Heavenly Pool, Nuodeng Bai Village, Ancient Bridges Gourmet Specialties: Nuodeng Ham, Read Taros Stew Red Beans, Zhu Gan Shen, Tree Beard, Luofeng Tea Ethnic Festivals: Chuichui Drama, Bridal Chamber Dance Tourist Attractions Tai Chi Diagram:Yunlong "Tai Chi" Yin and Yang are two fish-shaped plains, with a similar pattern of Taoism, the most complete image in the real world, becoming a rare earth eclipse spectacle. Tips: Catch a bus from the South Bus Station or self-drive to Nuodeng Town. Tai Chi diagram 600 meters north of the town. Panoramic view is required from Tianchi Road along the west slope to up 5 km, a viewing platform. Bai Millennium Village - Nuodeng:Millennium Bai village in prosperous of salt, the economic center of western Yunnan, Nuodeng Salts and Nuodeng Hams are well-known. Tips: Take three-wheeled motorcycle within 20 minutes. Heavenly Pool:Stroll in the mountains with tranquility and beauty. Tips: Five hundred meters from secondary road in Yunlong city to Lanping direction, the left turn at the intersection of Heavenly Pool, about 20 km. Yunlong Ancient Bridges:Yunlong are called China ancient bridges art museum. Bridge classes have wind and rain bridge, stone bridge, wooden bridge, etc; Drawbridge classes have vine bridges, one rope bridges, chain bridge and cable bridge; Archbridge classes are mainly wooden bridges, stone arch bridges of two kinds. Yunlong bridges varied and unique in style.
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