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Eryuan Spa & Vacation Scenic Zone Scenic Spots: Cibi Lake, West Lake, Geothermal Paradise, Fengyu Ancient Town, Liyuan Village, Niaodiao Mountain Delicious Foods: Diary Fan, Fire Pork, Papaya Chicken, Frozen Fish, Hot and Sour Fish Local Special Products: Erbao Plum, Fengyu Ink Container, Diequan Milk Ethnic Festivals: Haideng Festival, Shuahai Festival, Haige Festival, Yutan Festival Dali Geothermal Paradise:Covering nearly 1,000 acres, of nearly 200 acres bathing area, is Asia's largest open-air spa. Its temperature between 70-90 degrees, rich in trace elements potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., not only can enjoy the SPA and also for body therapy.Tips: Take a taxi or motorcycle in the county to the Dali Geothermal Paradise. Open Time: 8:00-24:00 Tel: 0872-5128598 Tickets: 98 Yuan / Person.
Contact: grrvs@163.com      Dali Prefecture Tourism Development and Management Committee